Upper School Hebrew High School Description



Temple Israel is committed to offering high quality learning that allows our teenagers to advance themselves personally and socially. Every year we offer new initiatives to engage our teens, i.e. meaningful programs and exciting experiences.

All of our sessions incorporate group bonding and spiritual connections in fun and engaging ways: sharing a meal, traditional texts, current event discussions and activities concentrated on giving the students a chance to voice their opinions.

Commitment to Tikun Olam, repairing the world, social action is a central part of our curriculum. Students work together on food, book and toys drives, serve in soup kitchen, and perform in the Assisted Living facilities during Chanukah holiday. As part of our experiential education students participate in leadership program to both assist our Religious School educators and our younger students. In addition, they lead temple’s special services and programs.

We look forward to learning with you as we continue to strive for higher levels of achievement. We hope you will share our excitement for a wonderful year of learning ahead.