Torah Study

TorahWeekly Shabbat Torah Study Discussion Group
Every Saturday, 9:30 a.m.
 – 10:30 a.m.

The Jewish People have the coveted title of “People of the Book.” The Book, of course, is the Bible – The Torah, which is our guide to the history, heritage and hopes of the People of Israel for themselves and the World. The Torah is also our user manual to life. It gives us direction and tells us how to find meaning, purpose and blessings in our lives.

To help us better understand the wisdom, treasures and lessons of the Torah, each Shabbat, we join together and explore the section of the Torah for that week which is read in Temples around the World. We explore the universal lessons found in this 3300-year- old text and what they teach us and how we can apply them in the complex world in which we live.

All are invited. The discussions are conducted in English and both the beginner and schooled student of Biblical text find enjoyment in the lively discussions that occur each week. Therefore, please accept my personal invitation to come down one Saturday morning for a good cup of coffee, good friendship and a good experience in learning about our heritage and who we are through Torah Study.