Life-Cycle Events

Life-Cycle Events at Temple Israel
As Rabbi of the Congregation, Rabbi Rosenbaum oversees and officiates the Life-Cycle Events of the members of Temple Israel’s family. Making these moments memorable, meaningful and moving to the individuals and families involved as well as the congregation is of utmost importance to our Rabbi. He adds a sense of joy and pride at the celebratory moments and occasions in life and his concern, compassion, and caring for each member of our Temple Israel Family is a hallmark of his rabbinate in moments of pain, suffering, and loss. Our Rabbi’s philosophy is, first and foremost, being there when needed to comfort the mourner, uplift the fallen, give hope to the stricken and join in the chorus of Mazel Tov with the Bride and Groom under the Chuppah.

Baby Naming
Baby Namings take place during our Shabbat and Holiday Services. Arrangements can be made with the Rabbi if a private ceremony is requested.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah
In keeping with the philosophy of Reform Judaism, the requirements and the actual service for both the Bar and Bat Mitzvah child is the same for both young men and women. These rights of passage take place at age 13. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah chants a meaningful number of passages from the Torah and the Haftarah, conducts a significant part of the service in addition to presenting a speech about the Torah portion relating it to their life and the World in which we live. Numerous honors are given to the parents to distribute to their family and friends. Each family is given their own Shabbat service. The training is individualized, meeting the needs of the child, and is conducted by the Cantor. Arrangements can be made for Saturday afternoon Twilight Services in consultation with the Rabbi and in keeping with the high standards we require of our candidates.

Aufruf & Weddings“Be fruitful and multiply” Gen. 1:22
In keeping with the philosophy of Reform Judaism, we embrace interfaith couples. Our Rabbi is always available for counselling and to work with individuals who are exploring or who have made the decision to convert to Judaism.

Death, Mourning & Memorials
The journey from life to life everlasting – Judaism believes in the sanctity of the individual Neshamah which is the soul and immortal essence of every human being. Facing the inevitable that we all must face, need not be a solitary journey, rather one accompanied by loved ones, Rabbi and our tradition which insists “immortality is” – you need not be alone. Our Rabbi is
always available at these difficult moments leading up to, during and following this process of human transition at the bedside to council, to officiate and console and lead the mourners in prayer at the house of Shiva.